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9A is the second beer to whiskey series with, Still The One Distillery Two and Broken Bow Brewery. Named after the New York State highway, that spans from NYC to Peekskill. 9A is masterfully distilled using an imperial stout beer from Broken Bow Brewery. The chocolate, smoky flavor from the stout comes over though the distillation process. It is then matured in American oak barrels to impart the color and Caramel/Vanilla notes. The 9A whiskey is smooth and full of deep robust flavors. Try this deliciously unique whiskey neat, on the rocks or in a craft cocktail! Limited Edition. A Spirit Like No Other. 9A Single Malt Whiskey began it’s journey from beer to whiskey in December of 2013. The first batch of 9A Single Malt Whiskey is in limited production, with only the First Taste edition bottles released after a 10 month aging time. Each bottle is filled and labeled by hand, with our master distiller’s signature on every single one.

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